(Portfolio Update) Ascension - Reaching the number 1 Bible app spot in the US App Store

When I was asked to lead Ascension mobile development, leaving The Pump, Arnold Schwarzenegger's official fitness app, felt bit sad, because it seemed like nothing bigger can come after that. Well, I couldn't be more wrong. Releasing Ascension was my biggest success story as a developer, with the application gaining the number 1 spot in the US App Store reference category.β†—

(Portfolio Update) The Pump - Arnold Schwarzenegger's official fitness app

Sometimes you have to be just on the right place at the right time. Not even three years into my career as a frontend developer, together with my fullstack colleague, we were assigned to build an official mobile fitness application for Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.β†—

(Portfolio Update) Nutiliti - Utility bills sharing and more

At the time (September 2021), Nutiliti had already launched their React Native application to the App Store, but it was bit rushed to capture the upcoming new school year tenancy changes. Therefore, at STRV we were tasked to bring the application to a more stable state, launch the Android version, extend the payment options to include bank accounts and more.β†—

(Portfolio Update) Bitcoin IRA - Investing in cryptocurrencies using your retirement account

When I transitioned from my Financial Markets career to Frontend development, I expected to leave the world of finance behind. Yet, as it turned out, I could not escape that easily πŸ€”. My first three projects at STRV were all related to finance by pure coincidence. Besides Rich Uncles (a REIT investment platform, renamed to Modiv) and Stride Health (an insurance platform), I also worked on Bitcoin IRA, a platform that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies using your retirement account.β†—

React Native at STRV in 2023

In the current macroeconomic situation, React Native’s cost efficiency and speed of development are ever-attractive for our clients, yet one still has to be realistic and expect potential compromises and limits β€” which native iOS and Android solutions just do not have to face. That is why we are so excited about 2023 when, once again, many of those limits and compromises will be broken.β†—

React Native at STRV in 2022

Looking at the applications currently under development at STRV, we have seen a major shift towards Expo, a React Native framework that tries to abstract out manipulation of native iOS and Android code to allow web engineers with knowledge of React to build mobile apps without major roadblocks.β†—

How to Integrate Plaid SDK to React Native Using Expo Config Plugins

Previously, if you wanted to integrate Plaid React Native SDK to Expo, you either had to forcefully eject to bare workflow or use a webview solution which could result in some funny unexpected issues.β†—

How to Integrate Biometrics in React Native - Overview of 3 Approaches

Being a mobile application developer, sooner or later you will face a request from your client to implement biometrics authentication and will be asked how many days it could take to release. Well, if you develop applications in React Native, the answer won't always offer itself...β†—

A Step By Step Guide To Writing Your First Expo Config Plugin

Frustrated when your managed Expo project misbehaves and you have no option to customize it? Well, that is a thing of the past now. This tutorial will teach you how to start with Expo config plugins.β†—

What I Learned as a Web Dev on My First React Native Project

What was your first year like when you started your coding career? I remember it went quite smoothly for me, and I jumped onto a project pretty early on. It was...β†—

How I Left a Financial Markets Career for Web Development

Thinking about breaking into web development? Unsure if you have sufficient knowledge or if it's too late for you? Maybe you have a friend struggling with taking the leap. Whatever the case, my story might help.β†—

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